Done For You Marketing

The Hands-Off Approach to PT Practice Growth

Done For You Marketing provides a complete suite of marketing and patient acquisition services.

If you feel stuck at a plateau or want to take your successful clinic to the next level, this is for you.
 It’s time to 10x your growth.

Leave Marketing to the Experts and Watch Your Practice Take Off

Are you a PT clinic owner looking for a hassle-free marketing solution? Our Done For You Marketing program offers a comprehensive package that includes:

Custom Website

We will develop a custom website optimized to convert visitors into new patient inquiries. Your site will be designed not just for aesthetics but to generate leads.

Online Visibility

Through SEO, Google/Facebook ads, and website optimization, we will expand your online presence so ideal patients can find and connect with your practice.

Patient Engagement

 We use tools like reactivation campaigns, retention messaging, VIP treatment, and review generation to keep patients engaged long-term.

Growth Strategies

Signature methods like our 25/25/25 System combined with optimizations for your intake process and patient onboarding will spur rapid practice growth.

Lead Nurturing

Sophisticated lead follow-up sequences ensure no potential patient that finds you gets neglected, but instead is nurtured toward becoming a client.

 Ongoing Support

With real-time chat, urgent triage calls, and constant accessibility, you receive unmatched ongoing support for your marketing campaigns’ success.

You’ll also get access to Practice Launch. This in-depth program guides you through attracting and converting high-value patients with modules on:

Practice Launch Model

Step-by-step blueprint for starting a PT clinic including strategies for attracting patients, hiring providers, and launching new locations.

Mobile PT Model

How to transition from a W2 employee to operating a full-time mobile practice, covering business setup, scheduling, marketing, and transitioning to renting space.

Subleasing Model

Guidance on renting space in an existing business, detailing how to find the right location, negotiate agreements, market, and transition to opening your own clinic.

Hiring Providers

Step-by-step guidance on when to hire your first, second, and third provider, outlining patient loads needed, avoiding mistakes, and transitioning the owner out of treatment.

Medicare Credentialing

Blueprint for getting Medicare credentialed, enrolling as a provider, setting fee schedules, billing properly, and more.

Hiring Providers

Step-by-step guidance on when to hire your first, second, and third provider, outlining patient loads needed, avoiding mistakes, and transitioning the owner out of treatment.

Active Patient Tracking

Instructions for implementing a system to track patients’ progress through their plan of care to identify and prevent drop-offs.

Practice Communication

How to create structured meetings, reporting, and communication rhythms to run an effective clinic with alignment.

Experience Design

Covers how to create an energizing clinic environment leveraging principles like sensory marketing to make patients excited to attend.

List Building

Capturing patient info and building an engaged email list to fill your practice through past patient reactivation.

Hosting Workshops

Blueprint for hosting free public workshops to attract new patients by educating and empowering attendees.

Authority Sequence

How to nurture leads by building trust/familiarity through a predefined sequence of videos and touchpoints.

Rockstar Employees

Identifying and developing rockstar team members.

Front Desk Training

Comprehensive training for front desk employees including workflows, objections, conversions, and more.

New Provider Onboarding

Detailed pre and post onboarding strategies when hiring new providers.

Hit our first $85k month last month which puts us on track for $1M gross sales in the rolling 12 months! Never thought that’d be possible with being a cash only practice!!!


Sarah Crawford | Wave Anchor Wellness

Done For You Marketing is designed for

Growing Practices

Take your marketing to the next level without added effort. Our done-for-you marketing and Practice Launch training provides the tools and expertise needed to scale your practice’s growth exponentially, all while allowing you and your team to stay focused on delivering excellent patient care. We handle the marketing so you can do what you do best.

Busy Clinic Owners

Achieve practice growth goals without becoming an expert marketer. Between clinical and administrative duties, clinic owners have a full plate. Our comprehensive services lift the marketing burden so you can accomplish your growth goals without spending countless hours learning marketing tactics. Leave it to the experts!

Owners Seeking Freedom

Focus your energy on patient care and management. As a clinic owner, you got into this business to help patients, not be chained to marketing busywork. Our done-for-you solution and dedicated support team allow you the freedom to focus on your expertise – delivering results through patient care. The marketing is handled for you.

Let our team of experts handle all your marketing and patient acquisition needs so you can focus on your clients.