We’re Outcome Obsessed and You Should Be Too

We saw 55 visits out of 65 visits scheduled… Already scheduled 49 visits for next week, which includes 5 new evaluations!

Abi balogun

Scale Your Clinic to New Heights Through Smart Scheduling

We started paid FB ads for the first time for PTF about 3 weeks ago. Since then we’ve had 11 evals scheduled, we have seen 3 for eval with those scheduling out POC’s, 8 phone calls scheduled, and have 11 other leads we are attempting to contact. 33 new leads in total!

Isaac Ervin

Unlock Your Growth Potential Through Online Advertising

We also hit ATH for visits and revenue.

Bryan Ladd

Strive for Daily Improvements to Reach New Records

63 patients at an average worth of 2,000 per patient for a total of 126,000 in 6 months. You da bomb! That is with taking time off of running ads too. Probably totaling a month to a month and a half.

Sue Pasquini

Turn Patient Experiences into Revenue and Results

First full day at our Livonia location. First full week as well plus a waitlist.

Tony Faraj

Optimize Pricing for Bigger Packages and Revenue

Huge win. We changed our pricing and got rid of our 6 and 10 visit packages after our conversation with Robbie Woelkers. We’ve already sold 16 and 20 visit packages since we’ve decided to make that change last week.

Tony Faraj

Set Yourself Up for Success with Seamless New Location Launches

Excited for my first perfect day in a while! Full schedule and everyone showed up excited to be there!

Bill Renkas

Foster an Energized Culture for the Perfect Patient Experience

Just hit 100 Google Reviews! And we haven’t even captured the “lost” ones yet.

Carina Testa

Gather Reviews to Grow Your Reach and Revenue

Just hit 100 Google Reviews! And we haven’t even captured the “lost” ones yet.

Carina Testa

Gather Reviews to Grow Your Reach and Revenue

ATH patient visits this week after just arriving back home from vacation on Saturday! New hire is going well, and just sold a 10 visit POC paid in full from a FB ad.

Ryan VanNieuwenhuyze

Use Systems to Turn Challenges into Wins

My website is on fire since Rehab CEOs took over. 3 referrals from last week. 2 of 3 already today. Thank you guys!

Willem Verwij

Unlock Your Website’s Potential to Drive Growth
Hired a PTA two weeks ago and hired my first PT today!!

Cameron Dennis

Build Your Dream Team to Accelerate Your Progress

Biggest month yet in June despite cutting down to just 4 days a week

Bret Gardner

Work Smarter, Not Harder to Increase Efficiency and Profits

Officially have 200 Google reviews! Thanks Joey Allbritton, Robbie Woelkers and the rest of the team!

Carlo Sayo

Keep Providing Great Service to Earn More Rave Reviews

Hit our first $85k month last month which puts us on track for $1M gross sales in the rolling 12 months! Never thought that’d be possible with being a cash-only practice!!!

Sarah Crawford

Optimize Your Operations to Reach Revenue Milestones

Robbie Woelkers hired an all-star grad part-time…first day of orienting went so well today.. great positive energy flowing through the clinic between admin and clinical staff members and clients… Keep building!

Seth Greiner

Spread Positivity to Boost Team Energy and Productivity

Quit my PRN job at the hospital today since caseload is picking up at the clinic. One less thing to juggle and I’m pumped about it.

Annette Smith

Free Up Your Time and Accelerate Growth by Streamlining

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