Practice Launch

The #1 Program to Fill Your Physical Therapy Practice

Stop struggling with inconsistent referrals and start getting a steady stream of patients through the door.

Practice Launch provides a step-by-step process for Clinic Owners to rapidly attract new patients and fill their schedules.

From Surviving to Thriving: The Practice Launch Framework Leaves Nothing Out

From attracting more patients to retaining them long-term, Practice Launch is the all-in-one solution to fill your practice and boost revenues.

Expert Guidance

With weekly Q&A and sales coaching calls plus biweekly software training, you get expert support tailored to your practice’s needs.

Immersive Workshops

Quarterly virtual workshops dive deep into trending topics relevant to growing your rehab business.

Private Community

Connect and collaborate with fellow rehab practice owners within our private Slack channel.

Growth Planning

Game plan check-ins, quarterly planning, and annual visioning ensure you achieve both short and long-term growth goals.

Team Development

With communication tools and training modules, we help you invest in and elevate your team’s skills.

Accelerated Growth

Our coaching program provides the consistent support, expert guidance, and community you need to turn your vision into reality.

Attract more patients. Convert leads faster. Retain clients longer. Grow your practice your way.

Practice Launch Model

Step-by-step blueprint for starting a PT clinic including strategies for attracting patients, hiring providers, and launching new locations.

Mobile PT Model

How to transition from a W2 employee to operating a full-time mobile practice, covering business setup, scheduling, marketing, and transitioning to renting space.

Subleasing Model

Guidance on renting space in an existing business, detailing how to find the right location, negotiate agreements, market, and transition to opening your own clinic.

Hiring Providers

Step-by-step guidance on when to hire your first, second, and third provider, outlining patient loads needed, avoiding mistakes, and transitioning the owner out of treatment.

Medicare Credentialing

Blueprint for getting Medicare credentialed, enrolling as a provider, setting fee schedules, billing properly, and more.

Hiring Providers

Step-by-step guidance on when to hire your first, second, and third provider, outlining patient loads needed, avoiding mistakes, and transitioning the owner out of treatment.

Active Patient Tracking

Instructions for implementing a system to track patients’ progress through their plan of care to identify and prevent drop-offs.

Practice Communication

How to create structured meetings, reporting, and communication rhythms to run an effective clinic with alignment.

Experience Design

Covers how to create an energizing clinic environment leveraging principles like sensory marketing to make patients excited to attend.

List Building

Capturing patient info and building an engaged email list to fill your practice through past patient reactivation.

Hosting Workshops

Blueprint for hosting free public workshops to attract new patients by educating and empowering attendees.

Authority Sequence

How to nurture leads by building trust/familiarity through a predefined sequence of videos and touchpoints.

Rockstar Employees

Identifying and developing rockstar team members.

Front Desk Training

Comprehensive training for front desk employees including workflows, objections, conversions, and more.

New Provider Onboarding

Detailed pre and post onboarding strategies when hiring new providers.

Lots of ATHs! Highest revenue at 26K (2K above previous), highest visits 336 (120 greater than previous), Best clinic efficiency which has been a huge focus and we have a new PT- 80% (5% better than previous high). Pumped for June!


Lindsey Bellcase | Shift Physio

Here’s Who Practice Launch is Perfect For

Clinic Owners in Survival Mode

If you’re barely scraping by, constantly stressed about where the next patient will come from, and stuck in a cycle of overwork just to keep the doors open, Practice Launch is your solution. Our frameworks will empower you with proven systems to go from struggling to survive to having a steady stream of referrals week after week. You’ll be equipped to leave the uncertainty behind and build a thriving practice.

Stagnant Clinic Owners

Has your growth stalled out and you seem stuck at a plateau? Practice Launch will give you the blueprint to break through barriers and achieve the next level of expansion you’ve been striving for. Our modules provide strategies to refresh your marketing, optimize conversions, and retain more patients so you can reignite growth and reach your revenue goals.

Successful Clinics Wanting More

If you’ve built a solid practice but have ambitions to take it to an exceptional level, Practice Launch will help you get there faster. Our frameworks will show you how to amplify results through retention programs, upsells, niche services, automated marketing, and more. You’ll gain the tools to turn a great practice into something truly world-class.

Stop wondering where your next patient will come from.
Enroll in Practice Launch today.