Chris Elsworthy

Facebook / GHL Specialist

I grew up just outside of Toronto where I currently reside. My educational journey in advertising and copywriting led me to Sheridan and Humber Colleges. With about 15 years of experience in digital marketing, my career began in graphic design, web development, and copywriting. Eventually, my focus shifted to managing Facebook PPC campaigns and client service. Along this path, I’ve also dedicated time to training individuals in the effective use of their website or CRM software, ensuring that marketing investments are utilized to their fullest potential.


My main core values are helping others, attention to detail, and continuous improvement.

As part of my role in the company, I specialize in crafting and overseeing Facebook advertising campaigns as well as managing campaigns on GoHighLevel (GHL). My expertise lies in the creation, management, and troubleshooting of these platforms, ensuring they perform effectively to meet our marketing objectives.

“Measure twice, cut once.”

I am passionate about tackling the common challenges clients face with ineffective marketing strategies, specifically issues related to poor audience targeting and inefficient communication. By deeply analyzing audience data and refining communication tactics, I aim to develop and implement more effective marketing solutions. My goal is to craft impactful messages that resonate well with the intended audience, driving success and helping clients achieve their business objectives.

One of the things I truly appreciate about working here is the team. We have a fantastic group of people who are not only skilled but also supportive and collaborative. It makes coming to work each day a really enjoyable experience.

What is Chris Reading, Watching, or Listening to?

  • John Dies at the End (Book)
  • Billions (Show)
  • When We Were Kings (Movie)

Outside of work, I enjoy playing music (drums, bass, and guitar) in two bands and recording (what will surely be) a hit record.