Hunter Kilgore

Website / SEO Team

I grew up in Corner, Alabama. One of those small towns small enough not to have our own post office. I graduated high school in 2018 and went straight to work at a grocery store around where I went to church, and then two years later started working in Birmingham at Children’s Hospital. During that time I started dating my now wife and moved to Rainbow City, AL. About three years after starting at Children’s Hospital, I moved on to working with Rehab CEOs and have loved every second of it.

I came into this job with little to no experience, and with the help of Bryant and Josh, they have taught me all the skills i would need in this job.


My main core values are really just Honesty. Be truthful in what you say, and just stand behind what you say

What I do for the company is help optimize our client’s websites so that they are ranked better and are easier to find for patients seeking physical therapy.

“Do not pray for easy lives my friends, pray to be stronger men.” – John F. Kennedy

Problems I enjoy solving are tedious projects like going through and checking a lot of forms or going through all of the client’s accounts and having to make a slight tweak to something so that it is more efficient for our client’s success.

What I love about working here is problems don’t stay problems for long. Everyone is always looking to fix an issue immediately and make something right. Everyone consistently tries to make the things we do more efficient and easier to learn. Also, no one withholds information. If they find something out that makes their job easier, they tell the rest of the company because it could help another person.

What is Hunter Reading, Watching, or Listening to?

  • Moneyball (Movie)
  • Grown-Ups (Movie)
  • The Office (TV Show)
  • Parks and Rec (TV Show)
  • The Joe Rogan Experience (Podcast)
  • Team Never Quit (Podcast)
  • Lone Survivor (Book)
  • American Sniper (Book)
  • The Reaper (Book)

When I’m not working I love playing video games, golfing, watching the Atlanta Braves play baseball, and spending time with my wife and family!