Dr. Joey Allbritton


Joey Allbritton, a native of Dallas, Texas, with a passion for healthcare, marketing, and family. Joey’s journey began when he pursued a degree in Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University. It was during his undergraduate years that he discovered his interest in dentistry. However, after two unsuccessful attempts to gain admission to dental school, Joey took an alternative route and became a dental hygienist. For four years, Joey worked diligently as a dental hygienist, enjoying his role in the healthcare industry but feeling limited in his potential for growth. It was then that he decided to pursue a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at UT Southwestern in Dallas. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Joey set his sights on opening his own clinic and began to teach himself about marketing and sales. As he gained experience and knowledge, Joey started working with clients even before starting his DPT program. By the time he graduated, he had cultivated a passion for marketing and coaching, which led him to pursue a full-time career helping physical therapy clinic owners grow their businesses. Joey’s personal life flourished alongside his professional journey. It was at Texas A&M that he met his future wife. The couple married and eventually welcomed two sons, Owen and Elliott, into their family. Their love for each other extends to their pets, two dogs named Cheddar and Brie, who complete their tight-knit family.

Doctorate of Physical therapy at University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, Dental Hygieniest for 4 years. Done marketing and sales for physical therapy clinics exclusively for the past 6 years.

If I had to sum up my life by three core values, they would undoubtedly be integrity, perseverance, and loyalty. Integrity has been a guiding principle in every aspect of my life, ensuring that my actions are always congruent with my words and beliefs. This value has shaped my role as a husband, father, and entrepreneur, helping physical therapy clinic owners succeed in their businesses. It is through integrity that I strive to be the person I say I am, consistently delivering on my promises and commitments. Perseverance is another value that holds great significance in my life, having witnessed firsthand the challenges my parents faced when their home-building business went under in 2008. Despite the obstacles they encountered, their unwavering hard work and determination left a lasting impression on me, teaching me what it takes to be successful both personally and professionally. Their experience has instilled in me the importance of pushing through adversity and never giving up on my goals. Lastly, loyalty is a value I hold in high regard, believing it to be one of the most honorable traits one can possess. I make it a priority to demonstrate loyalty not only in my personal relationships but also within my professional endeavors, ensuring that my team and clients feel valued and supported. By cultivating a deep sense of loyalty, I am able to build strong, lasting connections that are essential for success in every aspect of my life.
I make it rain leads and help clinics have a predictable sales system to turn leads into paying clients who not only want to be there but actually get good results and want to refer their family and friends.

One challenge I want to help clinic owners with is dealing with comparisons. You know, when they see others posting their successes online and feel like they’re falling behind? This can make them take unnecessary risks or feel paralyzed. But really, the only competition they have is themselves, and there’s no need for comparisons. A lot of pressures clinic owners face come from outside expectations about how fast they should grow, not what they truly want. This can make them feel not good enough and unhappy in their business. So, I want to help them find their “why” and enjoy the journey of growing their business, not just chasing results.


“I’d rather be dead than average”
– Mike Bell

I enjoy helping owners overcome limiting beliefs when it comes to growing and leading a team, running their business, or limiting beliefs around sales.

What really excites me is being surrounded by a team of high performers who share the same vision as me – helping as many clinic owners as we can. It’s so rewarding to find teammates, coach them, and empower them to not just do their job, but to problem-solve and grow as a person too. It’s amazing to see their progress!

Today, Joey stands as a testament to the power of resilience and determination. His career may have taken a different path than initially planned, but his dedication to healthcare and his entrepreneurial spirit have led him to success as a marketer and coach in the physical therapy industry. As a loving husband and father, Joey continues to inspire those around him to never give up on their dreams and always seek new opportunities for growth. Dallas, Texas,

What is Dr. Joey Watching, Reading, Or Listening to?

  • Customer Success Manifesto (Book)
  • $100M Offers (Book)
  • The Motive (Book)

I really love spending quality time with my wife, whether we’re taking the boys to the park, enjoying a beach vacation, or just chilling and watching a good Netflix show to unwind. Plus, I’m always into reading about leadership, marketing, and sales – I just can’t get enough of it!